The DIY Dog Gate for Super Fans

Posted on October 28 2016

Yes, Fusion Gates is dedicated to harmonious living. But I have to admit, using our dog and baby gates to symbolize a well-spirited rivalry amongst sports fans....well that's something we couldn't resist. Our DIY screen gives our customers the opportunity to passionately express the love they have for their sport, team and city. The best part is the interchangeability of our screens! It allows fans to show their team spirit throughout each sports season, from baseball to football to baseball and every sport in between.


We sports fans just love to get our babes and pups into the game! Check out these two cute articles we found celebrating true "fanhood" amongst Cleveland Indian Fans and Chicago Cub fans.

Not an worries! Here are some super simple ideas to put a little spirit in the places you share with like-minded fans. All of the major leagues MLB, NFL, NASCAR have online shops that sell official licensed products from decals, clings and stickers that can bring your gate to life. Add your own personal touch using window markers, paint and colored duct tape found at some of our favorite craft stores like Michael's and JoAnn's. ...great for adding decorative borders in your team colors.

Decals & duct tape for DIY Fusion Gates Art Screen

We also found that patches and pennants can be a very cool medium for designing a screen with some depth and personality. There's a great site called that has an amazing selection of licensed logos and graphics for just about any sport and/or team. Don't forget about Etsy and Ebay...more terrific places to look for vintage memorabilia (baseball cards, school letters...) that can add a unique twist to your sport gate making it a true show piece in your home.

Is there a Super Fan in your home? Don't forget the holidays are coming up. Consider giving yourself or your loved one a one-of-a-kind DIY gift they'll enjoy for a lifetime. Call us and we can brainstorm together.

We would love to see what you would do with with your sports-themed DIY Fusion Gate! Share with us by emailing a photo of your creation or posting to Facebook, Instagram & more.

Now, back to the game....

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