You know how much we love our own baby & dog gates; however, we think it's important that you hear from our customers, too. 

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February 25, 2018


I absolutely love my Fusion gate. This design blends perfectly with my decor, in addition to doing the job for which it is intended, i.e., keeping my dogs contained where they need to be, when necessary. I highly recommend Fusion Gates for their product and their personalized Customer Service.

- Janet C., St. Louis, MO


February 22, 2018


We love our gate and have received so many compliments on it already since putting it in our entryway. We ran into a small hiccup with the latch, but then when we realized we screwed it in too tight it worked perfectly. I'm amazed at how sturdy it is even with just the pressure mounts in our extra large space. I can’t say enough good things about this gate!

- Stacy K., Chicago, IL


February 13, 2018


I love this. Top quality and will look beautiful in our home. I haven't installed it yet b/c we just moved and are still moving furniture around but I did unpack it and I can tell you the directions are the best I've ever seen. A real person wrote them! And the gate is solid and beautiful. If I could give you ten stars, I would.

- Chester's Closet, Standwood, WA (via Etsy)


February 1, 2018


What a wonderful experience. After a bit of trouble with the installation of the gate, Donna actually came to our home and installed the gate herself. Phenomenal customer service and such a great product! Thank you!

- Annie W., St. Louis, MO (via Facebook)


January 31, 2018


I bought one Fusion Gate for our new home. We just loved how it looked. I have had doge all my life and have lived with many different types of gates. Fusion Gates look fantastic! We bought another ❤️

- Michael O., Magnolia, TX


January 29, 2018


They had an existing gate and had only one insert. They loved it. Was shipped in a very timely manner. Received before the promised date.

- Dennis G, Hollywood, SC


December 19, 2017


Awesome gate. Have already purchased two of the gates and we love them.

- Kimberly R., St. Louis, MO


December 28, 2017


Experience was GREAT! The Customer Service is Top Notch! Will definitely be ordering additional screens!

 - Tamula R., Devils Lake, ND


December 19, 2017


The artistry and engineering of the gate was immediately evident, as was the build quality. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would refer the product to anyone without hesitation.

- Michael S., Ventura, CA


December 16, 2017


We are so happy with our gates from Fusion Gates. We got them to keep our new golden doodle puppy out of certain rooms, like the craft room and the stairs to the kids' room. They are the best gates. We had several other kid and pet gates that were either plain old ugly or had difficult latches. Fusion Gates blend into the existing decor so nicely that they don’t call attention to themselves and they actually add a little bit with their good design.

- Laura K, Mill Valley, CA


December 14, 2018


We have been looking YEARS for a gate to fit a 60 plus opening to our living room. I saw the Fusion Gate advertisement last June in the Ladue News. Reading further they offered gates that were wide enough for that opening. I called immediately even though the gates would be available to order in September. I spoke with Donna about the gates. I was SO EXCITED about the gates. When the gate finally arrived, I made my husband and son put it up right away. It fits perfectly and looks very upscale. There are two options with the gate, one is that you can permanently fix the gate to the wall or use it under pressure, not, leaving any holes in your walls when you don’t want it up anymore. The gate door is easy to use and you can open them from either side and they automatically close. I wish I would have had these gates when my children were little instead of those wooden gates. Our dogs are getting groomed this coming Sunday (12-17-17) and will send a picture! I highly recommend Fusion Gates if you want a quality looking gate and great customer service! 

- Adrienne F, St. Louis, MO


January 2017


I now have eight, yes eight, of these gates. Six serve as beautiful window guards. They have removed any anxiety about my very large dogs going into guard-dog mode and crashing through the windows. I have different screens for different seasons. For the window gates, I opted for clear screens rather than the textured so that my view and the dogs' view of the outdoors is not diminished.

One gate is installed at the laundry room entrance and allows me to segregate my dogs when necessary. It's so nice to have a gate that is sturdy enough and tall enough that my Great Dane can't just step over it when he feels like it.

The eighth gate is installed in the doorway between the garage and the back deck. Ahh, breezeway created. For safety reasons, the dogs are not allowed out back. It is lovely to be able to keep the garage door open now to the view of the garden and lake. And the dogs can't get to the cats or their food.

Fusion Gates offer superior materials and workmanship. Installation is easy with right or left side opening. The door swings in both directions and can be locked. I had a problem with one of the gates but within an hour of my after-business hours e-mail to the company, the owner responded to me and resolved my problem. Customer service has been outstanding.

Tania P., Tallahassee, FL, (via Houzz)


June 21, 2016


The gate is beautiful and was easy to install. We bought it to keep the dog out of the bedrooms and grandchildren contained to the main part of the home when they visit. Our 2 1/2-year-old grandson figured out the lock mechanism very quickly, but is old enough now to understand that no means no, so it has been fine. My husband rigged up the lock mechanism so that when we are home it doesn't click shut, cutting down on the loud click every time someone goes through. Our dog isn't big enough or smart enough to give it a push and walk through, so it still serves its purpose in a beautiful way. I would recommend it, especially if you know you are going to need a gate for years.

- Jennifer S., Appleton, WI, (via Etsy)


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