Introducing our New Art Screen Designs for Fall 2016

Posted on September 02 2016

Fall 2016 Art Screens

From country wheat fields and ginkgo lined streets to ancient and modernistic architecture, our Fall 2016 Art Screen collection is a spirited study in the duality of nature and stone.

peaceful and optimistic

Satin Harvest Fusion Gate Art Screen - Pet & Baby Gate

Our goal in this first design was to illustrate the fluidity of nature.  Growing up on the East Coast, I found this ebb and flow watching the seashore.  When I moved to the midwest the "waves of grain" became my new ocean.  Our Satin Harvest art screen is meant to capture the gracefulness of all living things.  I find it very peaceful and optimistic.  

beauty and longevity

Autumn Ginkgo Fusion Gate Screen - Dog & Baby Gate

Pow!!! And just like that, nature intensifies our senses with colors almost too beautiful to capture. Known for it's beauty and longevity, the Ginkgo Biloba plant was illustrated in two of our new art screens this fall. The Autumn Ginkgo art screen shows off the ginkgo's fervent gold leaves that brighten city streets on cool fall days from New York to Tokyo to London. Beauty and longevity...I'll take some of that!

elegance and artistry

Ginkgo in Platinum Fusion Gates Art Screen - Dog & Baby Gate

The Ginkgo in Platinum art screen highlights the beautiful dance of the ginkgo tree's branches... reaching, twisting and symbolizing the unexpected paths we travel down in our life's journey. The leaves are outlined in a mirrored metallic bringing elegance and artistry into your home.

artistic sensibility

Bauhaus Border Fusion Gate Art Screen - Dog & Baby Gate

Our Bauhaus art screen is one of two border designs we are introducing this fall. Our inspiration was the modernist movement of the 19th and 20th century which sought to fuse together fine arts with the advancement of industry. Using this arts and crafts philosophy, we designed the Bauhaus screen with clean lines in hues of earthy taupe and silvery grays creating a look steeped in artistic sensibility.

tailored sophistication

Bauhaus Border Fusion Gate Art Screen - Dog & Baby Gate

The Greek Key art screen symbolizes the path that leads to eternal bonds of love and friendship. Like the meander river that inspired the design, the Greek Key border creates a seamless flow of movement from one room to the next. Sophisticated and clean.

Let us know what you think of our designs. Do you have a favorite? Have any ideas for our holiday screens? We would love to hear from you.

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