Dogs & Design: What Your Personal Style Says About You

Posted on April 04 2016

Many things define who we are as a person. Personality is a big one. Personal style is another. When you think about a big, bold personality, big bold colors come to mind. Quiet, thoughtful individuals conjure up images of subtle, muted tones. There seems to be a direct correlation between personality and personal style. 

What we surround ourselves with, especially in our homes, usually reflects our personal style. Modern art lover, minimalist, eclectic collector or americana enthusiast — your home’s decor most likely gives you away. 

Your choice of pet says a lot about who you are, too. Cat lovers are known to be relaxed people who like to cuddle. Dog lover is usually synonymous with an active lifestyle. What breed you choose delves even further into what makes you…well, you. Chocolate lab owner = easy going, carefree beach bum; German Shepard owner = loyal companion who would do anything for a friend; Mixed breed owner = down-to-earth individual who can either be found volunteering or hanging with their diverse group of friends.

Whatever your personal style, or your choice of breed, Fusion Gates provides options that allow you to match your personal style. Whether you need to create a boundary for safety reasons (staircase) or to define your personal sanctuary (priceless Persian rug) — why settle for boring when you can have a gate that is functional AND fabulous! With a sleek one-finger finial latch design, and a wide selection of interchangeable screens that allow you to be you, we guarantee you will fall in love with your Fusion Gate!

Let your personality and your personal style shine through. Visit and choose a gate that matches your home, your style and even your pet.

Photo sources: We love pairing our gates with popular trends and styles! These are the sources for the photos we have used above. Please visit them and see what they are all about!
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