Hallmarked Design Pairing: Mark D. Sikes and Lovely Lily his French Bulldog

Posted on January 08 2018

Famously known for his love of the blue and white palette, designer Mark D. Sikes has a knack for creating rooms with an optimistic vibe that is indicative of his new California lifestyle...playful, bright and easygoing.  It's little wonder he chose a dog breed known for the same personality traits.  Mark is the proud pet parent of Lily, the French Bulldog.  Both were our inspiration for January's Hallmarked Design Pairing.  I know this is going to sound crazy, but the more I researched Sikes' work, the more positive I felt and the more in love I became with this adorable pup.  What a gift to be able to create a living space that can immediately enhance our mood and make us feel love.  

So needless to say, it was pure joy matching each beautiful room (many in Mark's own home) with our designer pet and baby gates. It gives us great satisfaction to know that we can protect our babies and dogs without having to sacrifice the positivity of our homes.  Perhaps you too will feel just a little more playful, bright and easygoing when you finish looking through our pairing. Optimistic design...our theme for 2018.   

Mark creates a stunning traditional room with an earthy twist.  Not surprising given his reputation for bringing the outside in and the inside out.  Our Willow Branches dog gate adds to this natural imagery while nicely complimenting the room's centerpiece, the plush green sofa.   

Princess Lily

Sikes signature colors, blue and white, immediately soothe guests entering this gorgeous foyer.  You know what's not soothing to guests coming through the door?  A charging dog!  We suggest two pet gate art screens that compliment the colors and details of the entrance while giving a puppy a chance to give your visitors a once over.  Our Songbirds art screen hints to the swirling iron detail of the door; while our Chevron Trail in Blue screen pairs well with the room's adventurous blue hues.


What's a dog's life without a decorative room to put your paws up and relax?  Oh, if only my own dogs could coexist with cream couches and rattan furniture.  Still designer dog gates are a great way to ensure your puppy's safety when you're not in the room.  We chose our Limited Edition Dream Dog design to compliment both the bright color pillows and dark outlines of Mark's Signature Line rattan chairs.  Plus, the design reminds Lily how good it feels to be the alpha.



Lily can get camouflaged in this stunning passageway combining whites, browns and golds.  Like Mark's beautiful white and tan Carlyle Chairs, our more traditional art screens, the Gold Lattice and Greek Key, allow for a smooth and pleasing transition from one beautiful room to the next.


This Asian inspired room takes fusion to another level.  It's mixture of multicolors and multi-cultures brilliantly represent a fresh worldly attitude. We chose our Modern Lines Fusion Gate to pull in every color represented in the room, thus adding to the rooms all inclusive style. 

Lily's cool with that...


It's all in the details. In this seemingly traditional office space, Sikes uses African art and pops of gold as subtle detours of inspiration.  We went with two of our favorite geometric designs for our gate pairing.  The Trellis design to compliment the beautiful black desk and the Gold Lattice to work in the gold details and accessories.


Finally, we pair our new white design screens in this attractive, mostly white and cream hallway/dining room.  Outlined in our recently added white pearl framed gates, our Chevron Trail in White and Linear Lace in White screens add just a hint of imagery while our textured translucent panels capture the natural light streaming in from both rooms.  

Seriously...don't you feel positively positive now?

Want to create a happy moment for yourself?  I suggest cozying up into your favorite chair with a cup of tea and your dog by your side then check out Mark D. Sikes blog.  


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