How the Fusion Gate Works

The Fusion Gate is easy to install, easy to use and adds a great decorative flair to your home or office. Made from lightweight aluminum, steel components and scratch-resistant polycarbonate materials, our indoor pet & baby gate features dual mounting capabilities for either a pressure mount or hardware installation into your entryway.

Our easy-to-use and downloadable instruction manual will guide you through gate installation as well as how to use and change the standard Fusion Gates screen to your beautiful designer art screen in the patented interchangeable art screen system. Once you’ve chosen your screen, remove the screws, raise the access bar, pull the screen out and replace it with your chosen screen design and secure the access bar back in place. It’s just that easy. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most popular questions we receive about how to use your Fusion Gate.

Please note: The Fusion Gate is intended for use with children 6 months - 24 months. This product is not to be used with children who can dislodge/open the gate.

Why Should You Own a Fusion Gate?

Easy to Install

The Fusion Gate comes with connectors and extensions that easily slide together to fit the your entryway space. Once pressure is applied, the threshold flattens to the floor for a flawless look!

Safety is Our Priority

So important that we put our gates through rigorous testing to meet and exceed standards set by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and ASTM standards for gate enclosures.

Best Quality

We invite you to take a look at our
customer reviews and see what they have to say! After all, we're here for you!

On Trend

The Fusion Gate is the only gate on the market with an interchangeable art screen system...meaning you can change your art screen without purchasing a new gate. Our art screens designs are influenced by today's top designers. Ask about creating a custom art screen for your Fusion Gate!

Additional Features

One Finger
Final Latch

Hands full? No problem! Whether you've got laundry, dinner or your baby, our gate opens easily with one finger!

Easy to Cross
Low Threshold

Fusion Gates has the lowest threshold available, which greatly reduces the tripping hazard for baby or seniors.

Easy Close with Audible Cue

Now you know who is going in and out and if that door is safely closed behind you!

Our gates were thoughtfully designed with you & your family in mind. Ready for a Fusion Gate of your own?

Our Most Popular Questions

How do I change my screen?

Your gate will arrive with a temporary art screen featuring our logo. You'll replace this screen your beautiful new one! Use your instruction manual or view this video to learn how.

How do I balance my gate?

Fusion Gates can be pressure or hardware-mounted meaning you'll need to install it for the threshold to flatten and for the door to close easy. Read more on how to get the proper balance for optimal function.

When to Use & How to Install the Torso Guard?

Torso Guards are provided to narrow the gap between the end of the gate and the wall should that gap exceed three inches. This is essential for baby's safety and strongly recommend if you have a small dog.

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