How the Fusion Gate Works

Click here to download our Instruction Manual. 

The Fusion Gate is easy to install, easy to use and adds a great decorative flair to your home or office. Made from lightweight, scratch-resistant polycarbonate materials, our indoor pet gate features dual mounting capabilities for either a pressure mount or hardware installation into your entryway.

Our easy-to-use and downloadable instruction manual will guide you through gate installation as well as how to use and change the screen in the patented interchangeable art screen system. Once you’ve chosen your screen, just raise the access bar, pull the screen out and replace it with the new screen and secure the access bar back in place. It’s just that easy.

Step 1:
Unscrew the finial and then use the screen access wrench to remove the corner connector screws on the access bar.
Step 2:

Open the access bar.
Step 3:

Carefully pull up the existing art screen you'd like to replace. We recommend storing unused art screens in the original packaging.

Step 4:

Slide the new art screen into place between the smooth and textured panels and close arm of the gate. Replace the connectors and the finial and you are all set.



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