Fusion Gates Create a Stress-Free Home by Defining Clear Boundaries

Posted on March 01 2016

Stress should be a four-letter word. It comes from many places and in our fast paced society, let’s face it, has become part of our every day lives. Keeping up with our job, kids, pets all contribute to our stress level…to name a few. It’s how we manage stress that ultimately determines if it makes us…or breaks us.

Many pet owners can relate to the stress a doorbell can cause in a household. Perhaps it’s our pets’ inability to determine friend or foe through a closed front door that can lead to the chaos that ensues when an unsuspecting visitor unwittingly presses the doorbell.

You might have to consult a dog whisperer to determine why your pooch despises the door bell, but Fusion Gates can offer a solution to halt your four legged friend from charging the door to greet your guest, whether he comes in peace, or not. A Fusion Gate, equipped with a one-finger finial latch, creates a beautiful boundary that helps to keep your pet where you want him, allowing you to answer the door without unsolicited help from your four-legged side-kick. In my book, any crisis averted is one less thing to stress about.

In the last decade, pet products have been introduced that have made a noticeable difference in how our pets play, dress, eat and even travel. Fusion Gates didn’t create the concept of the pet gate, but it did revolutionize it. Fusion Gates’ collection of interchangeable screens takes the stress out of which gate to choose. Your beautiful home remains just that — beautiful — even after it’s installed. Renter? Don’t stress! Fusion Gates offers a pressure mount system that allows you to install your Fusion Gate without drilling…creating a boundary not a border.

Having a dog is a precious gift. Constant companion, consumer of all crumbs, watch dog, running partner, best friend and self proclaimed King of the Castle. But even kings have boundarieslet Fusion Gates help create yours. Visit our store to see our full line of gates featuring interchangeable screens. 

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