Summer Love - Introducing Fusion Gates 2018 Summer Art Screen Collection

Posted on June 20 2018

Inspired by love, romance and sweet summer nuptials, the Fusion Gates’ design team is proud to introduce our 2018 Summer Art Screen collection for our durable and modern dog and baby gates. 

Our new original art screens feature beautiful botanicals and clean white images that give our reliable safety gates a design aesthetic symbolizing innocence, growth and new beginnings. 

Our Peaceful Palm Dog and Baby Gate. Wedding Photo from article: 59 Adorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Our new Peaceful Palm design symbolizes bountiful living and happy homecomings. This tropical-themed Fusion Gate protects the ones you love while subtly reminding you of the many blessings you have and all the goodness yet to come.  

Our new Blushing Garden Baby & Dog Gate.  Baby photo from article: How to Incorporate a Newborn Baby into your Wedding

Our Blushing Garden features white hydrangeas and dahlias in the perfect shade of blushing pink.  Dahlias are known to symbolize a commitment and bond that lasts forever.  And nothing says commitment and bond like a bouncing baby!

Our new White Garden Fusion Gate for your home.

The subtler cool silver dahlias in our new White Garden design draws your attention to the white flowers whose color represents purity and perfection. Complementing just about any room color, this design is sure to add a bright clean finish to your decor all while perfectly managing the foot and paw traffic in your home. 

Our new beautiful Trellis in White safety gate for your dog or baby.  Bride and dog photo from article: 59 Adorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding 

Finally, our Trellis in White design displays a repetitive image of both beauty and structure. Two absolute ingredients of every Fusion Gate we design.  As in a magnificent garden trellis, this gorgeous design allows beauty to weave into a structure built to lead the way.

Summer is a time for new beginnings and reflection on all the bountiful beauty that surrounds our lives...even amongst the chaos of a busy home. Thank goodness for babies and puppies who remind us daily to pay attention to every wonderful, beautiful, messy, crazy moment.



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