5 Ways to Wish Your Dog a Happy 4th of July

Posted on July 01 2016

1. Leave them at home for fireworks.  

That’s right!  Our pets are much more sensitive to external stimuli, such as noise, than we are.  While we enjoy the festive fireworks, dogs can be truly frightened by their loud popping.  So, show your pup how much you care by keeping them at home and inside during the 4th of July display - also consider turning on a radio or tv to drown out the scary sounds.  

2.  Don’t share your bug spray or sunscreen.  

Unless specifically made to be shared with furry friends, these products can be extremely toxic.   So, if you will be spending a lot of time outside with your pet, invest in sunscreen or bug spray made just for them.

3. Beware of the heat.  

Like noises, pets are also sensitive to extreme temperatures.   Not only can high temps result in a heat stroke for your pup, but the baked pavement can burn their precious paws.  When spending time in the heat with your pet, be sure to have plenty of water at their access, watch them for signs of heat stroke, and do not leave them locked in the car - even for a short period of time.   

4.  Keep all hazardous items out of reach.  

Yes, yes, self explanatory - we know, but everyone needs a reminder before we get distracted with planning the perfect 4th of July Barbeque.  Don’t forget that citronella candles and a number of other decorations fall under this category.

5. Be a minimalist about holiday treats.

We like special treats for special days, and our dogs do, too!  Another thing we have in common is our ability to experience extreme indigestion from even just one unusual meal.  Since most of our furry friends are without self-control, especially in the area of diet, help them avoid tummy trouble by: sticking to just one or two simple treats, using recipes with all-natural ingredients, and avoiding any of the foods that can be potentially toxic to animals, i.e. avocados, grapes, coffee, chocolate, etc.

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