5 Baby Types - One Safety Gate to Keep Them from Harm.

Posted on June 29 2019

Fusion Gates is now officially certified with the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA). From the beginning we set out to build a gate that fused together security and serenity. We wanted a gate that put parents at ease and not on guard. Our JPMA Certification helps us tell the world we are super serious about safety...and, by the way, our gates are gorgeous!

One of the first noticeable features on the Fusion Gate baby gate is our attractive art screen panels. Beautiful, yes...but can they withstand "The Tester"?  Smashes, smears & scratches are just a part of our everyday lives as new moms. That's why we chose to make our three layered door panel using polycarbonate resin and not acrylic or God forbid...glass. Honesty, we first tried acrylic and it just couldn't withstand what we felt a "spirited" one year old could dish out. In addition to the polycarbonate panels being strong, they are also unclimbable and scratch concealing. Bring it on boys and girls...bring it on.    

There is nothing cuter than that drunken sailor gait of a new walker. The Fusion Gate doesn't just stop our wobbly babies in their tracks, it also gives them a safe passage to walk through. We designed our safety gate with a 3" wide, flat threshold (only 1/4" high) to keep baby from tripping over. And let's not forget the wobbly parents that might be distracted or in a hurry when passing through the gate (it happens...believe me).  

Our low baby gate threshold even allows you to place the gate directly on a step or stairs where falls can be particularly dangerous.

Witnessing a baby's curiousness and determination is one of the many blessings of motherhood. Some babies will stop at nothing to get from point A to point B, even if it means contorting their bodies to get there. Impressive...yes. Terrifying... absolutely!  For this reason we have designed our baby & dog gates with gaps less than 2" between our bars and we include Torso Guards with every purchase should there be a larger than 3" space on the ends. 

In addition, we include optional hardware mounting caps to keep your gate in place for all those future mountain climbers out there.


Outsmarting our smarty pants babies was always part of our design process. "If I were a baby, how would I open this gate?" They push, pull, pick whatever is in sight. Well, how 'bout we make the lock out of sight for baby? Genius! Our reversible locking system quietly sits on the opposite side of baby with a knob that is small and unobtrusive. When engaged, the locking system simply keeps the finial latch from pulling up and opening. You can't figure something out if you don't know it's there. Mwaaa haaa haaa!

Being a mom of both babies and fur babies...I've seen it all.  Baby follows dog (can't resist that furry tail). Dog follows baby (can't resist that half 'eaten cookie). Baby and dog follow mommy (just because you're mommy). Needless to say, there's a whole lot of following that goes on during baby's first year of mobility. Fusion Gates' easy-close doors immediately swing towards a close helping you to better manage all the foot and paw traffic in your home. In addition our doors open in both directions and leave enough space to ensure little baby's fingers don't get caught when the door shuts. Be right there guys!

The Fusion Gate was designed to the American Safety and Testing Measurements (ASTM) consumer safety specifications for expansion gates and expandable enclosures.  Our company is also a proud member of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).  We continue to test our products internally as well as with reputable third party testing labs to ensure our products are safe for baby and reliable for all caregivers. For all you pet parents out there, we are also a proud member of the American Pet Product Association (APPA) and care dearly for the health and safety of our precious pets.



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