Hallmarked Design Pairing: Obsessed with Sophia Paterson

Posted on December 11 2017

My addiction started as a young girl skimming through interior design magazines, cutting out pages and placing them in my wish book. Now, I am an all out junkie thanks to Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest. As a matter of fact, it was my obsession with interior design that influenced me to design the Fusion Gate. I just couldn't let go of my love for fabulous interiors even after I had my babies. I just didn't see why baby (and puppy) proofing couldn't co-exist with fine design.

So, it is with great pleasure we are introducing Fusion Gates' Hallmarked Design Pairings series. We've paired our dog & baby gate with gorgeous spaces created by some of today's top interior designers in hopes that both parents and pet parents are convinced that safety and sensational can coexist. These designers excite us & inspire us, but most of all, challenge us to be the very best we can be.  

Our very first hallmarked design pairing:  Sophie Paterson

Interior Designer Sophie Paterson

Want to get lost in calming comfort?  We suggest you spend an afternoon slowly scrolling through interior designer Sophie Paterson's Instagram feed.  Simple, yet luxurious, meticulous, but never boring, Sophie and her design team work absolute magic into every project.   

Did I mention that Sophie is a "mum" of a toddler named Ava.  I love designers that have a built in "reality-check" (read: baby or dog) ensuring the spaces they design are actually livable and can be shared with everyone in the household.

Here are some of her recent shares paired with a few of our baby gate art designs to keep her baby safe and her fabulous interiors intact.

Find Sophie Paterson on Instagram @sophiepatersoninteriors and on her website at www.sophiepatersoninteriors.com.  Although she is based in London, she completes projects globally.






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