2018 Art Screen Collection for Our Designer Baby Gates and Pet Gates

Posted on November 16 2017


When we make the decision to bring a baby and/or a pup into our home we’re guaranteed an “active” household. As parents and pet parents, we need to incorporate certain emotional strategies to help balance the unexpected and keep our day and our home running smoothly.  The Fusion Gates design team used some of those mind-saving approaches as inspiration for their 2018 Fusion Gate art screen collection: To keep structured, to be fluid or to remain grounded.

Linear Lace – Structured

Our new Linear Lace design offers our customers a balanced systematic design that is subtle, hypnotic and peaceful (even when the dog hears the doorbell!). Influenced by modern urban architecture, our Linear Lace suggests a strong foundation no matter the elements. The design is available in both white and dark gray and looks fantastic in all three frame colors (white pearl, black and satin nickel). 

Source for mouse princess plush toy: thicketandthimble.com; Source for baby girl and whippet photo: blanqi.tumblr.com


Source for Elephant mobile: twigandthistle.com; Source for minimalist room decor: homedecorpage.com

Healing Waters – Fluid

The Healing Waters art screen reminds us “to go with the flow.”  Illustrating a beacon of tranquility, this art screen uses a calming ocean blue which works beautifully with the translucent panels that house the design.  So yes, even amongst a sea of activity (read: baby’s hands in toilet) you can float freely and serenely on top of the waves of the unexpected.

Source for baby girl and dog at beach photo: Luna---belle.tumblr.com; Source for Whale poster: Southerscripdesigns.com  

Chevron Trail - Grounded

The Chevron Trail design (in black, navy blue and white) visually reminds you as a parents and/or pet parent that no matter where your day takes you, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. With hints of Native American influence, this directional pattern represents a clear pathway through and sometimes around life’s daily surprises.


Source for baby nursery wall decor: hudson-baby-company.myshopify.com; Source for Man with bulldog photo www.instagram.com/andrewfoxx

Source for snails and puppy dog tails plaque: https://www.etsy.com/Nelsonsgifts



Source for decorative mirror: www.notonthehighstreet.com
Emotional stability is your number one tool to keep a harmonious household even through the years where excitement is around every corner.  Embrace the unexpected. Have a light heart and a sense of humor. You’ll not only get through it, you’ll remember these days fondly.
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