With the Holidays Upon Us, It’s Time to Make Your Guest Room Guest Ready

Posted on November 19 2015

With Thanksgiving next week, our hearts will be full of joy and our homes will be full of house-guests! Having guests whether they are family or friends, doesn’t have to feel like and invasion of your space.

We are all guilty of using guest rooms as a dumping ground for all things nonessential. So, before guests arrive, remove all the tchotchkes, de-clutter the space and let the sun shine in! A small vase with a single stem is sometimes all a guest room needs to breath the life back into it.

Guest Room Renewel

Put yourself in your guest’s shoes and think about what you like to have when you travel. Consider leaving a small gift on the night table, perhaps a framed picture from the last time your guest visited or a pair of slippers. Don’t make them ask for essentials such as toilet paper, toothpaste and fresh towels. Have these items readily at their disposal. A small basket placed on a dresser filled with essentials can makes your weary traveler feel right at home.

I like to keep a few towels dedicated just for guests. That way I know they are in great condition and my guest will feel like I indulged on them. A sampling of current magazines placed bedside will also give the insomniac an assortment of late night reading.

An inexpensive way to spruce up your guest room is to drape a colorful throw blanket across the foot of the bed. I love the selection at The Little Market, a free-trade an online marketplace where you can purchase beautiful products handmade by artisans around the world. The Little Market empowers women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families. (www.thelittlemarket.com)

If your guests will be joining you for Thanksgiving and then again for Christmas, an easy way to change the look of your home is to swap your Fusion Gates screen to coordinate with the holiday. I love the Willow Branch Art Screen for Thanksgiving and the Cool Winter Art Screen for those December holidays. It gives your home an elegant feel while keeping the smallest and furriest of guests safe.

Being prepared can make all the difference in whether or not you, as the hostess, enjoy the holidays as much as your guests do. Remember to breath, always know where your glass of wine is and smile! Soon enough it will be back to normal.

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