A Pet Gate That Offers See Through Versatility

Posted on August 27 2015

After receiving a few questions on Facebook and from our customers, we wanted to address the importance of being able to see the presence of your dog through our Fusion Gate. During the initial phases of producing my prototype I did consider, and actually started with, a see-through panel for the gate. However, as the look and feel of our gate design progressed, I decided that I wanted to offer pet owners a scratch-resistant textured panel that would offer my customers some protection for the aesthetics of the gate.

Though the textured panel is standard with any gate, two of the clear polycarbonate panels are available to use allowing you to still have a stylish and functional gate that enhances your home decor while keeping your loved ones safe and your belongings intact.


Our focus with our product and business model is to help our customers find custom solutions for their gate that will allow it to provide the functionality they require. Please feel free to reach out to us with your specific pet gate questions in our comments below or contact us directly.

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