Hallmarked Design Pairing: Marie Flanigan: Balance and Boundaries

Posted on February 28 2018

As a mom, designer and business owner, I have to set boundaries in all three roles to keep balanced and maintain some sense of sanity.  At least that's what my therapist keeps telling me.  

This month our Hallmarked Design Pairing features Marie Flanigan, a designer who understands the importance of balance & boundaries. Flanigan, a wife and mother of two little ones, first studied architecture at A&M, followed by an MBA and then launched her own business, Marie Flanigan Interiors.  

Marie not only creates amazing spaces for her clients but ensures that each element in the room works to achieve harmonious living as defined by the individuals (big, small, fur, no-fur) who will occupy that space.

"We want to discover what makes you special, what makes your family different. [Clients want] an environment that improves their quality of life in every aspect.”

Marie Flanigan

At Fusion Gates, we couldn't agree more.  Harmonious living is our reason for existence.  Given our mutual goals, we thought we'd have fun pairing our beautiful baby and dog gates with the sensational spaces created by Marie Flanigan and her superb team of designers.

We love this gorgeous blue dining room, trimmed in white, curtains bursting with nature.  To protect this room from dog accidents and sippy cup disasters, we chose the black framed Fusion Gate with our own nature-inspired art screen, Songbirds.  Should her client want a more formal statement, she can change the screen to our stately Gold Lattice design.

Marie's two sons, John & William

"I’ve found that the only way to do it successfully is to set goals and boundaries. I try and [be with] my kids every day by 4 ... and to not be distracted when I’m with them, and really make the time that we’re together maximized in quality. Because it’s so precious."

Marie Flanigan

We love the simplicity of this staircase and how thoughtful Marie was to use the wall for shelving.  So to not disrupt the clean white lines, we chose our own White Pearl framed baby gates to protect little ones from the stairs (not to mention baby's easy access to the accessories on the shelving).  Our Chevron Trail in White art screen works well with the existing colors and lines, while our Healing Waters screen takes advantage of the spotlight.

In this formal living room, hints of Marie's background in architecture are everywhere...from the structural use of the wall space to her choice of the custom geometric pattern on the rug.  For this reason we suggest a Fusion Gate with our own architecturally inspired art designs, the Bauhaus Border art screen and our Greek Key patterned screen.


Marie Flanigan

Finally, we suggest our Satin Nickel framed safety gates to manage the ins and outs of this divine kitchen.  Our Linear Lace design complements the silver, gray and white colored backsplash while our Chevron Trail in Blue pairs perfectly with the directional tiles and gorgeous blue leather stools.

Get your own daily dose of balance and beauty by following Marie Flanigan Interiors on Instagram.  


Photography credits:  Julie Soefer Photography and Holly Werner Images 



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