Dog Gate Styles Inpired by Tuna

Posted on November 10 2018

At Fusion Gates we are always looking for inspiration to help us design the latest styles for our modern baby and dog gates. Who better to inspire us than Tuna, the trendy Chiweenie rescue dog with an endearing overbite. Back in 2015, Shelly and I had the opportunity to meet one of the biggest social media stars of that year, Tuna of @tunameltsmyheart and his adoptive mom Courtney Dasher. Overwhelmed with love for her rescue dog, Courtney started an Instagram page dedicated to Tuna. Since then Tuna has gained 1.9 million followers.

"If you could use a little bit of joy & laughter, you've come to the right place!" is all it says on his profile page.  Well joy is absolutely what you get.  From the first photo to the last, the page is filled with sweetness and

Turns out Tuna and his mom have a fabulous eye for style and fashion. So, we thought it would be fun to match up some of Tuna's looks with our always-on-trend designer dog & baby gates.  

Our Gray Diamonds safety gate pairs well with Tuna's very vogue black jacket with a fabulous faux (of course) collar.  Now that's a collar Tuna must love to wear. Just like the Fusion Gate, Tuna can easily transition from city style to a day-at-the-beach look with a simple striped T. 

Gray Diamond Art Screen in Black Fusion Gate. Healing Water Art Screen in a White Pearl extra wide gate. Gate photo Holly Werner Images. Tuna photos: @tunameltsmyheart

The next stylish look for Tuna is a slightly oversized sweater in blue. The color blue goes amazingly well with just about all other how it brings out the golden tan of Tuna's fur and the gorgeous satin nickel frame in our modern gates.

 Chevron Trail in Blue dog gate with a satin nickel finish. Our popular Songbirds stylish gate also in satin nickel. Gate photo Holly Werner Images. Tuna photos: @tunameltsmyheart

Tuna doesn't shy away from romance. Sure, Tuna's a puppy dog but when he wants to be he can be one heck of a lovebird. 

When it comes to style, sometimes you have to go bold or go home. That must have been what Tuna was thinking when he confidently wore this Avant Garde number to the dog park. 

Sun Stars art screen in a black Fusion Gate. The very simple but elegant Greek Key design in a white pearl gate frame.  Gate photo Holly Werner Images. Tuna photos: @tunameltsmyheart

Of course, it's always good to go with minimalist style. Sometimes simply being Tuna says it all.

Thank you so much for your inspiration Courtney Dasher and for sharing this beautiful boy with the world.

PS: Tuna's got a sister now! Our JPMA Certified gates will help keep both Tuna and Baby Grace safe ...and of course in style.

Tuna and Baby Grace photos: @tunameltsmyheart 



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