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Invoice/Credit Memo Invoice Date Ship Date PO Number Business/Agent Order Type Amount
CS218109124 03/19/2020 03/19/2020 CS218109124 Wayfair Drop-ship $210.00

Product sub-total: $210.00

Wayfair Allowance for Damages/ Defects 4.00 % ($8.40)

Credits/Claims Supplier SKU Ship Date Credit Origin Credit Description Amount
FG3652-WP-CT-W 05/06/20 Return This item was returned under tracking #392658938904, 392658941131 .Credit reflects cost of return, originally invoiced on # CS232739023 ($180.48)

Please Note: Any credit/invoice disputes need to be brought to our attention within 60 days of payment date. After 60 days the dispute is not valid and will be closed.
Visit our extranet page for more information about your account terms, contacts, allowances and dispute statuses.
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