• 32" - 36" Blushing Garden Fusion Gate, White Pearl Finish

32" - 36" Blushing Garden Fusion Gate, White Pearl Finish

$ 249.00

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Product Details

The Fusion Gate, featuring the sweet and sophisticated Blushing Garden design, is a premium, dual-mounted pressure pet gate that is engineered for safety but designed as a work of art. Built to strict ASTM standards, this innovative baby & dog gate fits entryways from 32” – 36”, stands 36" tall and features a patented interchangeable art screen system with an ongoing collection of beautiful and relevant screen designs ranging from trendy to traditional. Fusing together intuitive design and an uncompromising commitment to safety, the Fusion Gate offers an aesthetic diversity unmatched by any other dog & child safety gate brand on the market.

Functions and Features include:

• A unique one-finger finial latch that opens the door easily in both directions with automatic closure 
• The lowest threshold of any pressure mounted gate on the market ensuring a safe pass-through 
• Gate doors made of scratch resistant & high-impact resistant polycarbonate panels that hide scratches and smudges 
• Optional hardware mounting for top-of-the-stairs installation 
• Aluminum framing that is both lightweight and strong 
• A sturdy steel hinge and latch system 
• A 36” tall gate frame to keep larger dogs from jumping over 
• A simple yet reliable locking system that is reversible 
• Attractive levelers with an easy twisting adjustment knob

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