Fusion Gates’ new Satin Nickel finish offers luster and luxury to pups’ world in Westchester

Posted on July 21 2016

Chelsea & Fanny proudly introducing the new Satin Nickel finish on the Fusion Gate.

Who better to introduce you to our new Satin Nickel framed Fusion Gates than my adorable pup-nieces Chelsea and Fanny.  Like these fine royal spaniels, our new finish is drenched with sophistication; complementing the elegant hues of silver, gray and gold featured throughout their newly renovated Westchester County, NY home. 

The Trellis design is a perfect fit for the kitchen where the sisters stand watch for mom sightings throughout their day.  The black and silver geometric pattern pull in the black and white artwork and architectural detail of the modern stair rail.

Fusion Gates Satin Nickel Pet Gate Introduction

The breakfast room just off the back terrace was a perfect space for our Gray Diamonds pattern, a design that hints of maritime - symbolizing the multitude of sailboats passing through the Long Island sound. (Chasing the boats is one of Chelsea’s favorite pastimes).

The Modern Lines art screen was chosen for the family room to add a fun mix of color to a space that’s both active and clean. (Fanny just loves golf!)

Finally, the Gold Lattice design was chosen for the bar/lounge room.  Framed in the Satin Nickel finish, this design represents a life that is both elegant and earned. (Chelsea and Fanny have their eyes on that swordfish…Sorry girls, not today!)

Gold Lattice Fusion Gate NY

The 54" Gold Lattice art screen in Satin Nickel framed Fusion Gate protects my brother's prize catch in the bar/lounge

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